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Contemporary bedroom

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I do this because I love it.
Helping others find happiness, relaxation and enjoyment
from their space in life gives me joy.


  • Colleen was recommended to us as the person to help with “merging two households “ into one existing household melding our personal styles into one.  We quickly and efficiently reach that goal. Deciding to build we once again had the opportunity to work with Colleen. Together we have created a beautiful home that is the perfect reflection of both of us. We are thrilled with all of Colleen’s hard work and design ability.  Thanks Colleen.

    Jim and Joanne
  • Thanks so much for all you did to ease our transition to our “new” home. We are so happy with how everything turned out and I  shudder to think how we would ever have gotten all of this done so quickly and so beautifully without your calm, cheerful, capable assistance.  Working with you was a pleasure. We are so grateful.

  • Ginny and I are thrilled with the work and very grateful that you could put together such an outstanding result on time and within budget. You are truly a treasure!"

    Pat and Ginny
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